About Me

My name is RJ Walters and I  I am desperate to become a more creative person.

I believe I am presently a pretty creative person. After all, I do maintain four different blogs on a wide variety of subjects. I certainly have a rather unique view of the world around me. Isn’t that creative? I spent the last four years taking an old pickup truck and turning it into a rat-rod micro-RV of sorts. I used a lot of creativity in doing that. I’m pretty creative in finding unique views for my photographs. Why isn’t all that enough? That is what this blog is intended to discover and alleviate.

At its core, I think this craving for creativity is due to my passing up chances to heighten my creativity during too many periods of my life. Like most of us, I was a creative kid but allowed that urge to be drained from me due to one thing or another. Now that I am well in my retirement years, the excuses for not becoming more creative have no validation. It’s time to get busy and be a more creative person. That is what I am all about in 2019. If you stick around CreatingCreativity I think we might just become more creative together.